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Note to Our Viewers..

Your captain and mate are there to help you land whatever fish you hook! This coaching includes really important tips but sometimes they may seem very basic! Either way you should ALWAYS listen to what they are telling you!

Their toning scale, whether it be normal or high pitched is reflective of whatever your catch may be. The higher the pitch, the better the fish. Never mistake this for anger or frustration- it is excitement in action mixed with the fiery determination that embodies most of our seasoned fisherman who are experts at boxing fish.

You should also note that not every trip is spectacular, not every haul is noteworthy, and sometimes despite our Captains best efforts a trip does not pan out as expected. Such is the game of fishing; we all win some & we ALL lose some! At the end of the day everyone must realize you are at the whim of the bite, the weather, how far you decided to go out, and a variety of other conditions that directly decide the fate of your trip!

I would like to remind everyone of our #1 rule, approach everything with kindness & respectfulness, this rule is fully enforced to the absolute highest standards on our network. Our rules are one of the many things that sets us apart from all the other local fishing groups in our area as we pride ourselves in expert moderation, a warm & friendly tone and truly managed and pinpointed content.

No illegal charters here. No gulf coast fish. No pretending. Just real fish and real Captains sharing their lives work and what they are proud of with you all. Please remember to show them the respect they deserve- for them this isn’t a hobby, it’s their career.

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