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New Legacy Fishing Charters

If inshore fishing is the game- Captain Marshall Wallot of New Legacy Fishing Charters is your man. Whether your looking to catch your first slot snook in the intracoastal, or perhaps have fun playing with triple tail at the bell buoys, their set up is specifically designed to fit your fishing needs.

Armed with a 22 foot Tidewater powered by a 225 horsepower Suzuki his vessel choice was hand picked for both his fishing needs and yours! This boat allows him to expertly navigate all of the shallower and skinnier backwaters Ponce Inlet and the surrounding area has to offer. It is also sturdy and well equipped enough to confidently fish up to 3 miles offshore for all of your nearshore fishing experiences.

A life long fisherman and Port Orange native, Captain Marshall has spent his years fishing in the Halifax and the backwaters around it. Constantly adjusting his techniques to improve traditional tactics by modernizing them when needed, he relies heavily on the wealth of local knowledge he has accumulated over the years to guide him on all his journeys. Being a family man Captain Marshall’s favorite adventures are with families— he loves knowing that landing one killer fish will not only put a smile on everyone’s face but ignite the same love for fishing in the next generation of fisherfolk.

New Legacy Fishing Charters specializes in a variety of inshore fishing styles but Captain Marshall’s true passion is artificial bait fishing for snook and redfish in the Halifax. Once you head off to nearshore fish with him, his favorite is definitely targeting the prehistoric tripletail. A fish that is sure to put the biggest smile on your child’s face once they realize they’ve had the opportunity to catch a real life dinosaur!

Available Trips Aboard New Legacy Fishing Charters Include: 4/5/6/8 Inshore Trips, 4/5/6/8 Nearshore Trips, 4/5/6 Night Trips

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