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Snook Season w/ New Legacy Fishing Charters

#BoatOfTheMonth New Legacy Fishing Charters Captain Marshall Wallot Snook Season 2022 386-214-9595

Captains Tales; Not every fish Caught gets Kept

My most memorable snook season 'Murphy's Law' moment happened about 10 years ago. My now late cousin and I were out snook fishing one night and I had just hooked a big one and he set his rod down in the boat to grab the landing net. Right when he goes to net my fish, his rod gets ripped out of the boat by another huge fish. We are both understandably upset, seeing as though it’s a very expensive rod and reel as well as a equally as nice of a fish of the end of the line. We finally land my fish and decide to pack it in and head back to the dock.

The next night I go back out there by myself, I fish the same exact area and cast my line out. My first cast I get snagged on something, pull up my cousins fishing rod and reel with the snook still attached to it (unfortunately dead and chewed up by crabs). I pick the dead snook up to throw it back into the water and accidentally step on the rod and break it. I gave my cousin back his broken rod the next day. He said, “I’m not gonna even ask!”

-Captain Marshall Wallot


If you're looking to catch a slot snook in the intracoastal this season, Captain Marshall Wallot of New Legacy Fishing Charters is your man. Armed with a 22 foot Tidewater powered by a 225 horsepower Suzuki his vessel choice was hand picked for both his fishing needs and yours! This boat allows him to expertly navigate all of the shallower and skinnier backwaters Ponce Inlet and the surrounding area has to offer. Captain Marshall’s true passion is artificial bait fishing for snook in the Halifax, so snook season is obviously his most favorite time of year. Spend an evening this season dock light fishing all the areas top spots and scratch that bucket list fish off today!

Available Trips Aboard New Legacy Fishing Charters Include: 4/5/6/8 Inshore Trips, 4/5/6/8 Nearshore Trips, 4/5/6 Night Trips

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