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Rare Breed Charters

#BoatOfTheMonth Rare Breed Charters Captain Daniel Levesque 386-341-0793

Rare Breed Charters, our next feature boat, has been making waves & lots of memories this year! With noteworthy charter catches such as the beautiful #WhiteMarlin caught during the Halifax Sport Fishing Club Offshore Challenge, to their current ranking in the #EastsideTunaRoundup, this Captain has a fiery passion that is poised to hit the seasons highlight reels hard.

Accomplishing catches like a marlin with a professional fishing team is pretty common in this area, however Captain Daniel makes dreams come true by taking his die hard charter clients out and showing them how it's done! So if you've ever wanted to fish a tournament but don't know where to start, he's definitely your man! Outfitted with 3 vessels that can take you anywhere from the skinniest of backwaters or all the way to the other side of the gulf stream- you will definitely enjoy the areas fishing with this crew!

Captain Daniel is a lifelong archery enthusiast and fisherman, whose roots began in Key West before he found his home in Volusia County. In true outdoorsman spirit his dream has always been to provide a one of a kind all inclusive getaway through his several business ventures; with plans to one day to grow into much, much more. Book lodging with on site target practice at Gobblers Lodge 3D Archery Range and add customized fishing trips through Rare Breed; he offers a truly unique experience for vacationers looking to live the true Floridian way of life. For more information about the Rare Breed Experience visit:

Currently on the roster is their 17' Skimmer Skiff for backwater & bowfishing adventures, a 24' Pathfinder for inshore & nearshore fishing, and last but certainly not least their 31' Cape Horn for all of their offshore fishing trips. Each individual vessel is well equipped specifically for the types of fishing they're purposed for, with some flexibility when requested in advance. From poling platforms to out & down riggers, live bait to the best Westwind Witches available, guaranteed top of the line gear... you name it, they've got it covered!

As a Key West native and lifelong fisherman Captain Daniel is also well versed in spearfishing and insists that his favorite fishing will always be Yellowtail Snapper fishing in the Keys & Bahamas. He solidifies this sentiment adding "..there is nothing more rewarding than light tackle fishing for these delicious fish!" Take note: we do occasionally catch these fish in our own waters!

Rest assured; our vessels are the best in the industry, our roster handpicked & credential checked. We pride ourselves in providing the areas charter community with the exposure and support that they deserve We will forever stand behind our calling of connecting Angler & Captain in a comprehensive & meaningful fashion.

Trips aboard the Rare Breed include 4/6/8 Inshore Trips & 4/8/10/12 Nearshore/Offshore trips.

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