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Sharing my Sea Spirit

'I don’t even know where to start to tell you about another perfect day. Today means so much to me because I got to spend a day with the most sweet, kind hearted wonderful girls. As a college graduation gift I wanted to give them an experience of total pleasure, to disconnect from the world. To experience a fun hobby that can be exciting and thrilling without internet.

I’ve enjoyed fishing for a long time. I enjoyed this morning, when Captain Mike Michael G. Mulholland shared with my girls about how “green” I was when I started fishing on his boat, Sea Spirit Fishing. To let them know, that all it takes is one time, one experience to be hooked. What I love the most about being on the Sea Spirit is the relationships you create with people with the same hobby. I remember when all the “regulars” would sit outside the office and tell fishing stories. I was new so I would get there early and sit back to listen. I miss that so much. So many fishing tales and so many laughs early in the morning. I started going regularly and they learn my name, I learn theirs, then they would start to teach me. I’ve learn so much that I am forever grateful. These are good people that I will love forever.

If I could teach my girls anything it's to get a hobby to disconnect. They will be starting new careers soon. Maybe it will be something they love, maybe not. But to have a hobby, an obsession that they become passionate about, and build relationships with people with the same passion. To have something to go to work and talk about their excitement, to share their experiences with and to have something to dream about. That is what I want to teach them. Enjoy your life. Enjoy time away from work.

I am proud of my girls and hope I see them out on the water. I want to see them catch the biggest fish and dream about coming out again to catch an even bigger fish.

I would end my story of today here, but damn, I gotta tell ya an awesome fish tale. So I’ve posted my jackpot winning grouper yesterday. Well, I had to prove to my girls I could win again. 2 days in a row! I’m seriously shocked! Thank you Sea Spirit and crew! I’ve been very blessed! "

-Colleen Bechtel-Maxwell

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