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Charter Prices VS D.I.Y.

Fishing charter prices are often looked at as being high priced. When you take the time to break down the actual bill though, you usually find that you're saving quite a bit of money going with a professional company. (See Chart Below)

The chart below dictates the average area pricing on a small (under 20ft) skiff on short range (gas included!) trips. Long range trips do not include gas which can significantly impact the billing. Not to mention all of the top of the line gear all of our charter companies offer; which would send this bill skyrocketing into the thousands easily.

At the end of the day the single most important necessity of a productive day on the water is the knowledge of its Captain, an ability not easily recreated in a do-it-yourself fashion.

Take the guess work out of your summer fishing trip; book with one of our charters today!

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