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Captain Scott Housel, owner & operator of Sudden Strike Offshore Adventures LLC, is a USCG licensed 100 Ton Master Captain who has been fishing & diving the waters out of Ponce Inlet since 1990. He has competed in numerous offshore fishing tournaments, winning the Inaugural Fish Stock Tournament in 2003 (formally the Striker).

The Sudden Strike is a 31’ Contender powered by twin 300 HP Suzuki’s. The boat has the speed to get to the fishing grounds quickly and provides spacious room for all of your offshore fishing adventures. Rest assured, even larger groups of 6 can all bottom fish at the same time without getting tangled up.

Captain Scott’s favorite fishing style is bottom fishing because anglers stay engaged and the action is non-stop on most days. During April & May when the Mahi are offshore trolling can provide some consistent action, but sometimes it takes a great deal of patience and perseverance to land a fish like the solid bull Mahi that qualified him for his win this month. (Pictured below)

More From the Captain:

“My father and grandfather first took me fishing when I was 5 years old, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Over the years I have developed a passion and appreciation for the ocean and all the wonders it has to offer. I have caught monster fish, swam with wild dolphins, turtles, sharks and majestic Manta Rays, but most importantly I have experiences and memories that will never be forgotten. Allow me to share my passion with you, your family and friends and help you create the memories that will last a life time.”

Trips Aboard the Sudden Strike include: 4HR Nearshore/Inshore, 5 HR Half Day, 6 HR Half Day (Deepwater), 8 HR Full Day, & a 10 HR Extended Full Day for more experienced anglers!

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"This past Wednesday we were on a 10 hour fishing trip with some of my good friends. It was a windy rough morning, while we were fishing we had a smaller boat with four people aboard show up to fish the same area as we were in. About ten minutes after they showed up my first mate Jeremy noticed the people were in trouble. Their boat had a big wave come over the stern and it had capsized the boat. We quickly ran over to help them out of the water. It happened so fast they never got a call off to anyone. We got everyone aboard the Try N' Hooker F.V., two of them had life jackets and two didn’t. We then had to wait a couple hours for Coast Guard to arrive from Cape Canaveral to bring the people back home safely.

I have never seen anything like this in my career, everyone on board was pretty shook up. We called it early and ran back to the dock. Wanted to thank my first mate Jeremy for not panicking in a emergency situation and getting the people aboard. He did a damn good job! Also want to thank my good friend Wes for being on the boat Wednesday keeping everyone calm. This could have ended up really bad for the people. Please make sure you have the proper safety equipment aboard your boat!! And if it’s rough as hell like it was Wednesday wait for a better day!! Not worth it people. And as always Thank You to all the Coast Guard for everything you do for us!! These people are so lucky to be home safe."

Captain Jason Hardy


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