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Fishing is fluid, that's part of the magic behind sport, commercial & charter fishing. Here you have a group of people all working together to carefully manage & adapt to a whole bunch of environmental & circumstantial factors that are forever changing, all playing their roles as integral parts in a working and proven machine.

Seeing it live and in action is truly awe inspiring if you take the time to step back and watch it in all of its glory, I've always felt it was far more compelling watching than just landing a fish on your own. When you step back you start to see it all- from the Captains analyzing all the data and reports, carefully balancing speed versus proper anchorage, knowing which bait or rig to use to the mates who's job is to act as a bridge between angler and Captain, all with the set goal of filling every void that presents itself along the way.. down to the angler, no matter the experience level. While every persons role plays a key part, the most important is the angler- regardless of experience level the angler is the fastest changing gear in this system, a role which the Captain and crew must constantly adapt to as the day progresses to get the job done.

The simple act of returning to the dock with a box of fish is under appreciated and overlooked occurrence, all the mechanisms behind it that not only have to line up but also work in unison to allow that to occur are nothing short of magic with a hint of luck. The next time you are out on the water with one of our Captains, I truly suggest absorbing all that is around you. The heart and soul of professional fishing lies in its team effort and its ability to adapt to any situation, no matter the factors. The end result will forever stay the same, it's the journey here that truly sets the stage.

#BoatOfTheMonth Coastline Charters Captain Kevin Gill 386-222-2805

For our next Boat of the Month highlight, we bring you a Captain whose fishing has spanned both sides of the globe. Hailing all the way from Australia, Captain Kevin Gill has spent his life devoted to the ocean and fishing & considers himself blessed to now call the Ponce Inlet area his home. Enjoy the areas sights and fishing, and come home with a delicious spread for dinner!

Ponce Inlet's inshore & nearshore fishing is well respected for a reason; here you can catch a wide variety of species from triple tail & flounder all the way to snapper & cobia!

For your adventure you will be aboard a 25' Tide Water Carolina Bay vessel; a wide and stable build armed with a 300 HP engine that is overqualified for its undertaking. Maxing out at 4 anglers, she features a large platform to cast from and wireless trolling motor for a more comfortable fishing experience. All fishing equipment & bait is included and don't worry once you get back to the dock- all fish cleaning and ice is provided free of charge.

Captain Kevin Gill spent his life dedicating himself to the water in anyway he could; from his early days of being a deckhand all the way to being a scuba and free diving instructor in Sydney to his current passion of guiding anglers towards a better fishing experience here at home. An Anglers Choice winner, and devoted community member, his favorite part of being a Captain is helping people hit their respective personal best fish stating the happiness he witnesses when this happens is second to none. When he is out on the water, his favorite thing to do is sight fish for cobia on rays, an experience he loves to share every time Mother Nature provides.

No matter what trip you decide to go with, you are sure to have an amazing time out on the water.

Trips aboard Coastline Charters include: 4 & 6 HR Inshore & Nearshore Charters.

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