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#FishOfTheWeek #ExpertSeries Helmed by Legendary Captain Lee Carver

 Don't forget to check back every Sunday for a new batch of winners!

#FishOfTheWeek #ExpertSeries Helmed by Legendary Captain Lee Carver

 Don't forget to check back every Sunday for a new batch of winners!

Ponce Inlet Watersports

Captains Avera Williams & Alex Maxwell


Nestled along the picturesque shores of Ponce Inlet, Florida, Ponce Inlet Watersports stands out as a unique destination for tourists seeking fishing charters and unforgettable open water wildlife experiences. Guiding these trips are knowledgeable Captains, accustomed to navigating the waters and finding the best spots, maximizing your chances of reeling in a prized catch. From inshore fishing for snook, redfish and trout to nearshore trips targeting snapper and amberjack, Ponce Inlet Watersports offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities to suit every angler's preference and price range. Whether you are seeking the thrill of topping your P.B. or simply want to enjoy a leisurely day on the water while the dolphins swim along side, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the defining features of Ponce Inlet Watersports is its diverse fleet of vessels, which offer trips to fit every hobby and price range. Whether embarking on a public inshore fishing trip or a private charter, guests can enjoy a variety of charter options tailored to their interests and skill levels. Their public fishing trips are an affordable option that allows you to both sight see our intracoastal waterway while inshore fishing the areas favorite fishing holes; as anglers cast their lines into the shimmering waters, they are greeted by the sight of dolphins playing in the distance and pelicans soaring overhead.

Private charters will enjoy their brand new 21 foot Parker S.E. center console, powered by a 150 HP Yamaha outboard engine. Offering an unmatched variety of options for what you are able to do on the vessel: from inshore & nearshore fishing, to scenic river cruising, island & bar hopping, and more! Standard inclusions on this vessel include: live well, Bimini top, GPS fish finder, sound system & a water mat for island days. At the helm of their private charter boat are two experienced fishermen, Captain Avera Williams and Captain Alex Maxwell.

Captain Avera Williams grew up in a family deeply rooted in the fishing culture of Florida and obtained his Captains license six years ago, after years of working the deck. Insisting he loves the versatility the industry requires, he is happy for the opportunity to be able to think on his feet daily in our forever changing fishery. Captain Avera's favorite times to fish are the Spring & Fall; when the areas most sought after species are the hungriest and on the move. Our incredible snook & redfish fishing is something that always keeps him busy, plus it's guaranteed to keep anglers coming back for more!

Captain Alex Maxwell always had a deep love for fishing, and always dreamed of being a Captain. Being a carpenter, and previously working building sets in the movie industry, 5 years ago he decided to follow his dreams of spending his days on the open water. Captain Alex's favorite fishing will always be sight fishing, adding that nothing comes close to seeing the whole process for yourself in shallow waters. It truly is a sight to see, waiting patiently for the fish to take your bait as you reel it in and land them!

Beyond the thrill of the catch, Ponce Inlet Watersports also prides itself on its commitment to sustainable and responsible fishing practices. With a deep respect for the delicate marine ecosystem, the crew emphasizes the importance of conservation and stewardship on their dolphin & manatee ecotours, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of the sea. In addition to its fishing charters, Ponce Inlet Watersports offers a host of other activities and amenities to enhance the overall experience. From nearby waterfront dining options serving up fresh seafood; to kayaks, parasailing, and pontoon rentals for exploring the inlet's tranquil waters, there is no shortage of ways to make the most of your time in this idyllic coastal paradise.

Trips Aboard Ponce Inlet Watersports include: 2 HR Inshore, 4 HR Inshore/Nearshore, 6 HR Inshore/Nearshore Fishing Trip.

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